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The Chirotool was developed by Michael Mitchell.


Michael Mitchell is a H.H.P. who for 20 years has specialized in the “Rolf Method” of Structural Integration.

H.H.P. – “Holistic Health Practitioner.” Michael has been involved in the healing arts for most of his life and has spent thousands of hours working with others and has enjoyed being taught by some of the best teachers in their field.

Michael’s work passion is helping people get out of pain,  understanding the process of healing and then realizing their full potential.  

The Rolf Method systematically aligns the body by helping the client balance the body and free the body of it’s compensations and structural imbalance.

The Chirotool is a powerful tool that goes beyond manual therapy.

It releases strong, dense tissue and muscle that is overly tight.

The Chirotool is used by Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, and professional athletes.

It is also used by aware minded individuals who see the need to take care of their bodies.




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